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25 Jun







With the NBA Draft just days away, I thought that this week’s Top 10 should focus on just that.  So here are my top 10 worst NBA lottery picks in the past 10 years.  Of course its easy for mnba draft logoe to go back now and bash a GM or a player…but some of these seems like no brainers!  Let me know who you think is the worst lottery pick of all time!


darko2003 #2 Darko Milicic – Detroit Pistons:  Oh Darko…the Human Victory Cigar.  I don’t want to put too much on Joe Dumars for taking Darko with the second pick in one of the best drafts in NBA history…almost every team in the league had Dark #2 on their draft boards.   But you just can’t ignore his mediocre career numbers (although he did have a few solid years), the fact that he is no longer in the league and the players that were selected after him.  As in a few guys named Carmelo, D-Wade, Bosh, Kirk Hinrich, David West…ok, ok…I’m being too harsh.  Sorry Dumars!

araujo2004 #8 Rafael Araujo – Toronto Raptors:  At this point you might asking yourself “who?”.  The Brazilian center had two good years at BYU, but played just 3 years in the league and averaged a robust 2.8ppg and 2.8rpg.  All the Raps did was pass on the likes of Kris Humphries, Al Jefferson, Josh Smith, Jameer Nelson and more.

robert swift2004 #12 Robert Swift – Seattle Sonics:  This high school center was taken 12th overall and played 4 injury plagued seasons for SEA/OKC before calling it quits at just 23 years old.  I don’t know…maybe should have grabbed any of the players listed directly above…

fran2005 #11 Fran Vasquez – Orlando Magic:  Where to even start with this one…for a team that was rebuilding like Orlando, to not have your lottery pick ever play a single game for you is NBA Tragedy.  Vasquez is still roaming the courts of Spain and Otis Smith is still waiting for Fran’s agent to call him back.

yaroslav korolev

2005 #12 Yaroslav Korolev – L.A. Clippers:  Two season in the NBA and he scored 39 points more than I did!  Has there ever been two worse back to back lottery picks than Vasquez and Korolev?  Guess the Clips and Magic both didn’t want Danny Granger, Jarrett Jack or David Lee!

patrick obryant2006 #9 Patrick O’Bryant – Golden State Warriors:  The big man put up great per 36 minute stats, but could never get more than 11.3mpg.  After playing for three teams in four season and banking $7.4million, O’Bryant hung up the high tops.  I guess Redick, Rondo, Kyle Lowry or Paul Milsap didn’t test high enough to draft over Pat…or the next guy…

Seattle SuperSonics v Denver Nuggets2006 #10 Mouhammed Sene – Seattle Sonics:  This makes two bust picks in three drafts for Seattle…no wonder they packed up and headed to OKC.  Sene played an underwhelming 3 years in the league, made a cool $6.3million and was out of the league by 22.  Don’t we all wish we were 7footers?!

joe alexander2008 #8 Joe Alexander – Milwaukee Bucks:  Joe had a nice all around career at West Virginia, but just couldn’t put it together in the pros.  After playing for the Bucks and Bulls over two seasons Joe couldn’t cut it with the big boys and hung it up.

hasheem thabeet2009 #2 Hasheem Thabeet – Memphis Grizzlies:  Four year, four teams and career averages of 2.3ppg and 2.8rpg make Thabeet possibly the worst lottery pick in NBA history.  The shot blocking center fromUCONN has never lived up to…well to even Darko numbers!!  And now, since he is 7’3 and still just 26 years old, he gets a shot with one of the league’s best young teams:  OKC.  Oh to be young, tall and in the NBA.  Hasheem has made $15million and has played in just over 2,100 minutes.  Keep working hard my man!

The 10th spot on this list is reserved for the next lottery bust.  Who will it be?  Will Jan Vesely ever be as good as his girlfriend looks?  Or will someone take a chance on the next great foreign born player in this year’s draft, only to have him never come to the league?  Stay tuned!



20 Apr

NBA playoffs-logoYes, I do realize that it’s not Tuesday.  But with the NBA Playoffs set to begin, I figured I would put together a special edition of my Tuesday Top Ten list.

jordan shrugged shouldersAh, the NBA Playoffs.  Some would argue that this is the only time of year to actually watch the NBA.  A time where legends are born.  A time where Havlicek stole ball, Jordan shrugged his shoulders, Willis Reed limped on the court, and Robert Horry became “Big Shot Rob”.  Its a time to gather ’round the old television set with Ernie, Chuck and Kenny (and Shaq) for 40 games in 40 nights.  Time to hear Marv Albert give us his patented “for the win….yes!”.  Its playoff time baby!!  And to set it off right, as I’m sure you are all just bursting with anticipation, here is a special edition Tuesday Top 10:  Top 10 Bold Predictions for the 2013 NBA Playoffs!

piercegarnett1.  THE CELTICS RUN IS OVER – I know, I know…every year we count these guys out…you would think I might have learned my lesson by now.  As long as they still have Pierce, KG and Doc this Celtics team does not lay down for anyone.  Yes, they will compete.  Yes, if Jeff Green shows up on a consistent basis, he and Rondo will be a nice combo for many years to come.  But the core of this team is old and past their prime.  They can no longer compete with the Miamis, Thunders and even Knicks of the league.  So, although we are sure to at least see one more KG snarl and another Pierce clutch shot from the elbow, the Knicks will defeat the C’s and a rebuild can fully begin in New England.

knicks2.  THE KNICKS WILL BATTLE THE HEAT IN THE EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS – Are they ready?  Are they too old?  Are they good enough?  Which Carmelo will show up?  All the questions that surround this team make it tough to really gauge how good they can really be.  However, the Knicks are the 2nd best team in the east, will defeat Boston, and the winner of the Indy/ATL series, and then give the Heat a run for the Finals.  This is the year that Carmelo finally shows the world that he can carry a team on his back (Syracuse not included).

james harden3.  JAMES HARDEN WILL ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE JAMES HARDEN – Harden had a nice run in the playoffs last season with OKC, but he really fizzled out in the Finals.  Harden’s scoring average of 12.4ppg was close to four points under his season average.  Combined with his 37% shooting from the floor and 32% shooting from downtown, his Finlas’ performance was definitely one to forget.  However, Harden will definitely give his old OKC teammates a glimpse into what could have been had he remained with the Thunder.  Houston will not win this series, but Jimmy Jr. will show why he is one of the top young players in the league.

brooklyn and heat4.  BROOKLYN WILL PUSH THE HEAT TO AT LEAST SIX GAMES – The Nets will definitely struggle to get past the scrappy, Rose-less Bulls, but that series is in the bag….so bring on the Heat!  With D Will looking like…well, looking like D Will again, and Brook Lopez playing some of the best ball of his career, Brooklyn is poised to make their series with Heat an actual series.  Sure the Heat have the best player on the planet, and D Wade has recently looked rejuvenated; but the Nets are deep, well coached, and seem to be thriving at the right time.  Enjoy this great series, its just what the NBA Playoffs are all about :  superstars (Bron, Bosh, Wade, Williams, Lopez, Joe J) leaving everything they have right on the floor!

steph curry5.  THE FIRST ROUND WILL BRING THREE GAME 7’S – Clips/Memphis, Denver/Dubs, and Pacers/Hawks will all go seven games.  The Clippers and Grizzlies will give us a matchup of the two of the league’s hottest teams.  The Clips won a cool seven in a row to close out the season, while the Grizz won 9 of 11 to wrap it up.  And since trading Rudy Gay to the Raptors, the Grizzlies posted a 27-11 record; better than the 22-13 record for L.A. in that same span.  The Pacers and Hawks represent two teams that have struggled to find their identity the whole year.  ATL looked great with a 19-9 start, but they have played below .500 ball since.  Indy looked like the East’s 2nd best team for most of the season, but finished with a mediocre 13-11 record over their last 26 games.  Combine that with the unsteady play of Roy Hibbert and major fatigue setting in for Paul George, and this series has 7 written all over it.  Finally, the Nuggets and the Warriors should provided NBA fans with one of the most entertaining series in this year’s playoffs.  Two deep, high energy teams playing great basketball.  The world will finally get to see how good Steph Curry really is!

dwight howard6.  THE LAKERS WILL LOSE IN THE FIRST ROUND – Ok, so this isn’t really a bold prediction, but I have a little left-over animosity for D12 that I need to get out…so here it is:  Congrats Dwight!  You craved a title so much that you just had to leave Orlando.  Well, great job my man.  You caused more drama than a Justin Beiber shirtless sighting with your exit to L.A., and all you did was finish in 8th place and now you have a nice first round exit in your near future.  Was it worth it???

tmac7.  T-MAC WILL CONTRIBUTE – If you have not heard, Tracy McGrady has signed with the Spurs.  Yes, that Tracy McGrady.  Back from dominating the Chinese league and tossing elbows in the process (look up the video!).  They say he won’t be ready until at least the 2nd round, but I can see him jumping off the bench for 10-12mpg and hitting a few crucial jumpers.  TMAC, the former high flyer, now being featured as the old vet off the Spurs bench…a ring for McGrady….maybe….but probably not.

lindsey lohan8.  LINDSEY LOHAN WILL FINISH REHAB – Sorry, I have no stats to back this up…but come on, can’t she make something as good as Mean Girls???  (Oh, like you didn’t enjoy that movie?!)

durant westbrook9.  KEVIN DURANT WILL LEAD THE LEAGUE IN PPG, BUT WESTBROOK WILL ACTUALLY TAKE MORE SHOTS – I love Russell, I mean my love for him is bordering on the inappropriate side.  But dude, you have arguable the most talented pure scorer in the league right beside you.  If you want your team to take home the title, how about you play Robin to KD35’s batman…just saying.

pat williams10.  THE ORLANDO MAGIC WILL WIN….THE DRAFT LOTTERY – I mean the worst team in the league can’t really win a playoff game, and I realize this has nothing to do with the playoffs…but it will take place during…and they can win their 4th draft lottery….and they will.  Pat Williams better make his reservations for Seacaucus, because he is the lucky charm that has done it three times before.  Shaq, CWebb into Penny and D12…who will be next.  Noel, Burke, or does Orlando trade the pick??  I think that is a another blog post altogether.

What are your gold predictions for the playoffs??

Enjoy that next two months…the NBA Playoffs are back baby!!!