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29 Oct

nba-logoWell kids, the NBA season is finally upon us…happy opening night!!  Last time we left the league, ‘Bron and company were hoisting Mr. O’brien’s trophy….again.  Well, what will this season bring.  For my predictions, I wanted to make it as simple as possible.  So, I am going to give you the teams that will make the playoffs, the conference winners and title winner….with only one reason why each will happen.  Enjoy this years picks and let me know who you think is taking home to title!!


1.  MIAMI HEAT – Reason:  LeBron James.

2.  BROOKLYN NETS – Reason:  Added a more than serviceable Paul Pierce, KG, J. Terry and AK47 to a team already featuring Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, Joe Johnson, Reggie Evans, Andra Blatche and company…very deep, veteran squad.

3.  INDIANA PACERS – Reason:  Combining the now truly elite Paul George with the Roy Hibbert we saw in the playoffs = lots of wins and a deep playoff run.

4.  CHICAGO BULLS – Reason:  D Rose is back and this team might have been a D Rose away from winning the East last year.

5.  NEW YORK KNICKS – Reason:  If STAT is healthy, this team will challenge anyone in the conference.

6.  DETROIT PISTONS – Reason:  Josh Smith, Greg Monroe, Brandon Jennings and Andre Drummond make up a very nice top four…and the East really falls off after the top 5 teams.

7.  CLEVELAND CAVALIERS – Reason:  Well first, there will be no ping pong magic next year Mr. Gilbert!  But the real reason is that this team has a very nice combo of young talent and savvy vets to crack the top 8…and if Bynum comes up back…the Cavs will be back on the NBA map!

8.  WASHINGTON WIZARDS  – Reasons:  A healthy backcourt of John Wall and Brady Beal will carry this team into the playoffs…and a chance to be swept by Miami.


1.  SAN ANTONIO SPURS – Reason:  Because they are the best run NBA franchise in the last 25 years, that’s why!

2.  L.A. CLIPPERS – Reason:  This team is absolutely loaded after signing Jared Dudley, JJ Redick, Darren Collison, Antwan Jamison and even Byron Mullens…oh and a certain Glenn Rivers will make sure this team is ready to win every single night.

3.  OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER – Reason:  The emergence of Serge Ibaka will keep this team towards the top of the standing until Westbrook comes back from injury.

4.  HOUSTON ROCKETS – Reason:  They legitimately have 14 players that would be in anyone’s rotation…and the combination of Dwight Howard and James Harden will give this team the ability to finish anywhere between 1-4.

5. GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS – Reason:  A healthy Andrew Bogut adds a new dimension to Steph Curry’s team.

6.  MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES – Reason:   Z-Bo and company have the pieces to compete every single night…but they are just not getting passed the top 5 in the conference this season.

7.  PORTLAND TRAILBLAZERS – Reason:  Lilliard, Aldridge, Wesley Matthews and Batum are a very solid four that will get help from a very nice bench that feature rookie CJ McCollum.

8.  DALLAS MAVERICKS – Reason:  Monta Ellis and Dirk will be able to share enough shot to just squeak into the playoffs over the Denver Nuggets.


EAST:  INDIANA PACERS over MIAMI HEAT – Heat because they still have the big 3 and Indy because if Granger ever stays healthy, he is the missing piece.

WEST:  L.A. CLIPPERS over HOUSTON ROCKETS – Both teams are overloaded with talent…and will both get past the Thunder and Spurs…but Clippers have just a little more.


L.A. CLIPPERS over INDIANA PACERS – Great coaching and inside/outside talent that can surround CP3.  Congrats Clipper Nation you are no longer L.A.’s second team!!!




26 Mar

Top-10Back with another Tuesday Top 10!!  This week I thought we would look at the most underrated players in the NBA.  This list is based on skill and what the player brings to his team.  You cannot get on this list for having a crazy beard, a few strange neck tattoos, or by putting together an unexpected 50-point scoring effort….sorry Willie Burton (1994-76ers).  Also, we are going old school for this list!  No analytical stats that will make you break out your TI83 just to keep up.  No graphs or charts.  Just looking at the old stats we grew up with and using the good old eye test.  So enjoy the list and be sure to tell me who makes your Top 10!!

Paul George, Rodrigue BeauboisPAUL GEORGE – PACERS:  George is definitely one of the breakout young  starts of the NBA.  He is thriving in his new team-leader role this season as the Pacers look like the 2nd best team in the East.  The 6’8 SF, has shown great versatility by dishing out a career high 4.0apg.

jarrett jack

JARRETT JACK – WARRIORS:  Jack has emerged as one of, if not the best backup PG in the league for the fun to watch Dubs.  He is only 1 of 3 PG’s in the league to shoot over 45% from the floor, 40% from three, and 84% from the line.

mike conleyMIKE CONLEY – GRIZZLIES:  Conley is the floor general for one of the top teams in the West.  The 6th year guard is also second in the league in steals and has been clutch in crunch time.

Vasquez_Greivis_noh_121119GREIVIS VASQUEZ – HORNETS:  Raise your hand if you ever thought Vasquez would be a significant rotation player in the league…anyone…anyone…exactly.  Yes, he is on a bad Hornets team, but Greivis is 21st in the league in double-doubles and 2nd in the league in assists.  Those are stats you can’t ignore!

thaddeus-youngTHADDEUS YOUNG – 76ERS:  One of only 5 SF in the league to average 15ppg and 7rpg.  The athletic Young will only get better if he can work on his 3 point shot.

chandler parsonsCHANDLER PARSONS – ROCKETS:  Parsons has busted onto the scene as one of the best 2nd round picks (38th overall) in recent memory.  The 2nd year forward is doing a little bit of everything as the Rockets look to lock up a playoff spot in the West.  Parsons is one of only 4 Forwards to average over 15ppg, 5rpg, and 3.5apg…the other three:  Pierce, LeBron, and Durant.

nik vucevicNIKOLA VUCEVIC – MAGIC:  With Shaq and D12 both having been shipped out of Orlando, most Magic fans thought they would never get a another quality big man again.  Enter Nikola Vucevic.  The 2nd year big man has not only displayed a fearless persona on the floor, but Nik ranks 6th in the league in double-doubles and 4th in rpg.  Looks like Orlando has found another big man to anchor the paint for years to come.

Nicolas-BatumNICOLAS BATUM – BLAZERS:  Name the only two players in the NBA to average 1bpg, 1spg, 5apg, 5rpg, and 14ppg….yes of course LeBron is one….but the other is Nicolas Batum!  Versatility galore with the 5th year SF who is also shooting 37% from the 3 point line!

lamarcus aldridgeLAMARCUS ALDRIDGE – BLAZERS:  Yes, Aldridge is an all-star.  Yes, he is popular.  But LaMarcus is having a career year, has Portland just 2.5 out of the 8th spot, and is the only player in the NBA average over 20ppg and 9rpg.  We should be hearing more about this Blazer!

spencer hawesSPENCER HAWES – 76ERS:  If you play fantasy basketball, you know Hawes was close to fantasy gold from 2008-2010.  The big man gave your team points, block, assists, steals, and 3’s…all from the center position.  Well after two seasons of low numbers and injuries, Spencer is back to his old, versatile center self.  Philly’s starting center is averaging a crazy 13.6ppg, 9.3rpg, 3.6apg, 2.1bpg in March.  And his 5 made three pointers this month make this 24 year old a player with true all-star potential.